Honda CR-V: Master Cylinder

Master Cylinder Replacement


1. Remove the air cleaner housing cover.

2. Remove the reservoir cap, then remove brake fluid from the master cylinder reservoir with a syringe.

3. Disconnect the brake fluid level switch connector (A).

Honda CR-V. Conventional Brake Components

4. Remove the reservoir mounting bolt (B), then remove reservoir bracket (C).

5. Disconnect the brake lines (A) from the master cylinder (B). To prevent spills, cover the hose joints with rags or shop towels.

Honda CR-V. Conventional Brake Components

6. Remove the master cylinder mounting nuts (C) and washers (D).

7. Remove the master cylinder from the brake booster (E). Be careful not to bend or damage the brake lines when removing the master cylinder.

8. Remove the rod seal (F) from the master cylinder.

NOTE: During installation, set the new rod seal onto the master cylinder with its grooved side (G) toward the master cylinder.

9. Install in the reverse order of removal, and note these items:

10. Bleed the brake system.

11. Spin the wheels to check for brake drag.

Master Cylinder Inspection

1. Inspect and note these items:

Honda CR-V. Conventional Brake Components

2. If the reservoir tank hose was disconnected, install the subreservoir tank (A) and the reservoir tank hose (B) to the reservoir tank (C).


Honda CR-V. Conventional Brake Components


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