Honda CR-V: Engine Removal

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1. Make sure you have the anti-theft code for the audio system and the navigation system (if equipped), then write down the XM radio presets.

2. Remove the hood support rod, then use it as shown to prop the hood in the wide-open position.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

3. Relieve the fuel pressure.

4. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery first, then disconnect the positive cable.

5. Remove the battery.

6. Remove the air cleaner housing assembly.

7. Remove the harness clamp (A) and ground cable (B).

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

8. Remove the battery cables (A) from the under-hood fuse/relay box.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

9. Disconnect the harness connector (B), and remove the harness clamp (C).

10. Remove the powertrain control module (PCM) cover (A), then remove the three bolts (B) securing the PCM.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

11. Disconnect the PCM connectors (A) and the engine wire harness connector (B).

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

12. Remove the harness clamps (C).

13. Remove the harness clamp (A), then remove the PCM bracket (B).

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

14. Remove the evaporative emission (EVAP) canister hose (A) and brake booster vacuum hose (B).

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

15. Remove the quick-connect fitting cover (A), then disconnect the fuel feed hose.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

16. Remove the drive belt.

17. Remove the power steering (P/S) pump (A) without disconnecting the P/S hoses, then remove the P/S hose from the clamp (B).

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

18. Remove the radiator cap.

19. Raise the vehicle on the lift to full height.

20. Remove the front wheels.

21. Remove the splash shield.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

22. Loosen the drain plug in the radiator, and drain the engine coolant.

23. Drain the engine oil.

24. Drain the automatic transmission fluid (ATF).

25. Disconnect the air fuel ratio (A/F) sensor connector (A) and secondary heated oxygen sensor (secondary HO2S) connector (B).

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

26. Remove the three way catalytic converter (TWC) (C).

27. Remove the shift cable (see step 34).

28. Separate the knuckles from the lower arms.

29. Remove the driveshafts (see step 7).

Coat all precision-finished surfaces with clean engine oil. Tie plastic bags over the driveshaft ends.

30. Remove the propeller shaft.

31. Remove the bolt (A) securing the P/S fluid line bracket, and unclamp the P/S fluid line clamps (B) on the front subframe.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

32. Remove the bolts securing the left steering gearbox mounting bracket.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

33. Remove the bolts securing the right steering gearbox mounting brackets.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

34. Disconnect the A/C compressor clutch connector (A), then remove the A/C compressor (B) without disconnecting the A/C hoses.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

35. Lower the vehicle on the lift.

36. Remove the radiator.

37. Remove the ATF cooler hose, then plug the line and hose.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

38. Remove the heater hoses.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

39. Install the front bulkhead (see step 16).

40. Attach the special tool adapter (VS802C000015) to the threaded hole (A) in the cylinder head.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

41. Remove both lids (A) from the cowl cover. Position the engine hanger adapters (VSB02C000032) over the damper flange nuts.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

42. Install the engine support hanger (AAR-T-12566), then attach the hook to the slotted hole in the hanger adapter. Tighten the wing nut (A) by hand to lift and support the engine/transmission assembly.

NOTE: Be careful when working around the windshield.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

43. Raise the lift to full height.

44. Remove the lower torque rod.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

45. Make the appropriate reference lines (A) at both ends of the subframe that line up with the body (B).

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

46. Remove the subframe mounting bolts (A) on both sides.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

47. Attach the subframe adapter (A) to the subframe and hang the belt of the subframe adapter over the front of the subframe, then secure the belt with its stop.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

48. Raise the jack and line up the slots in the arms with the bolt holes on the corner of the jack base, then attach them with bolts securely.

49. Remove the subframe.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

50. Lower the vehicle on the lift.

51. Remove the transmission mount.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

52. Remove the ground cable (A), then remove the transmission mount bracket (B).

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

53. Install the transmission hanger bracket (P/N 21232- RCT-AOO) (A) and washer (B) on the transmission.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

54. Install the universal eyelet.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

55. Attach a chain hoist (A) to the universal eyelet (B), and the transmission hook (C). Lift up on the engine/transmission assembly until it's securely supported by the chain hoist, and remove the engine support hanger.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

56. Remove the side engine mount bracket mounting bolt and nut.

Honda CR-V. Engine Removal

57. Check that the engine/transmission is completely free of vacuum hoses, fuel and coolant hoses, and electrical wiring.

58. Slowly lower the engine/transmission assembly about 150 mm (6 in.). Check once again that all hoses and electrical wiring are disconnected and free from the engine/transmission, then lower it all the way.

59. Disconnect the chain hoist from the engine/ transmission assembly.

60. Raise the vehicle all the way on the hoist, and remove the engine/transmission assembly from under the vehicle.


 Engine Installation

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