Honda CR-V: Moonroof

If equipped

If equipped

The moonroof can be tilted up in the back for ventilation, or it can be slid back into the roof. Use the switch on the front ceiling to operate the moonroof. You must turn the ignition switch to the ON (II) position to operate the moonroof.

To tilt up the moonroof, push on the center of the moonroof switch. To stop the moonroof from tilting up fully, push the switch briefly.

To open the moonroof, pull back on the switch and hold it. Release the switch when the moonroof reaches the desired position. To close the moonroof, push the switch forward and hold it. Release the switch to stop the operation.

Opening or closing the

Opening or closing the moonroof on someone’s hands or fingers can cause serious injury.

Make sure all hands and fingers are clear of the moonroof before opening or closing it.

AUTO - To open the moonroof fully, pull back the moonroof switch firmly, then release it. The moonroof automatically opens all the way. To stop the moonroof from opening, push the switch briefly.

To close the moonroof fully, firmly push the moonroof switch forward, then release it. The moonroof automatically closes all the way. To stop the moonroof from closing, push the switch briefly.

To open or close the moonroof partially, lightly pull the switch back or push it forward and hold it. The moonroof will stop when you release the switch.

AUTO REVERSE - If the moonroof runs into any obstacle while it is closing automatically, it will reverse direction and then stop.

To close the moonroof, remove the obstacle, then use the moonroof switch again.

Auto reverse stops sensing when the moonroof is almost closed. You should always check that all passengers and objects are away from the moonroof before closing it.

The moonroof has a key-off delay.

You can open and close the moonroof for up to 10 minutes after you turn off the ignition switch. The key-off delay cancels as soon as you open either front door. You must then turn the ignition switch to the ON (II) position for the moonroof to operate.

If you try to open the moonroof in

If you try to open the moonroof in below-f reezing temperatures, or when it is covered with snow or ice, you can damage the moonroof panel or its motor.



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