Honda CR-V: Windshield Wipers

The wipers and washers are operated by a switch in the multifunction lever. Turn the end of the handle to select the desired wiper speed.

Windshield Wipers
Windshield Wiper/Washer Switch

Windshield Wiper Operation

Rotate the end of the lever upward, to the first detent past the intermittent settings for low-speed wiper operation.

Rotate the end of the lever upward to the second detent past the intermittent settings for high-speed wiper operation.

Intermittent Wiper System

The intermittent feature of this system was designed for use when weather conditions make a single wiping cycle, with a variable pause between cycles, desirable. For maximum delay between cycles, rotate the control knob into the upper end of the delay range.

The delay interval decreases as you rotate the knob until it enters the low continual speed position. The delay can be regulated from a maximum of about 18 seconds between cycles, to a cycle every one second. The delay intervals will double in duration when the vehicle speed is 10 mph (16 km/h) or less.

Windshield Washers

To use the windshield washer, push the washer knob, located on the end of the multifunction lever, inward to the second detent. Washer fluid will be sprayed and the wiper will operate for two to three cycles after the washer knob is released from this position. If the washer knob is depressed while in the delay range, the wiper will operate for several seconds after the washer knob is released. It will then resume the intermittent interval previously selected. If the washer knob is pushed while in the off position, the wiper will turn on and cycle approximately three times after the wash knob is released.

To prevent freeze-up of your windshield washer system in cold weather, select a solution or mixture that meets or exceeds the temperature range of your climate. This rating information can be found on most washer fluid containers.

WARNING! Sudden loss of visibility through the windshield could lead to a collision. You might not see other vehicles or other obstacles. To avoid sudden icing of the windshield during freezing weather, warm the windshield with the defroster before and during windshield washer use.

Mist Feature

When a single wipe to clear off road mist or spray from a passing vehicle is needed, push the washer knob, located on the end of the multifunction lever, inward to the first detent and release. The wipers will cycle one time and automatically shut off.

NOTE: The mist feature does not activate the washer pump; therefore, no washer fluid will be sprayed on the windshield. The wash function must be used in order to spray the windshield with washer fluid.


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