Honda CR-V: Vehicle Security Alarm

The Vehicle Security Alarm monitors the vehicle doors and ignition for unauthorized operation. When the Vehicle Security Alarm is activated, interior switches for door locks are disabled. The system provides both audible and visible signals for the first three minutes the horn will sound and the headlights will turn on, the park lamps and/or turn signals will flash and Vehicle Security Light will flash repeatedly. For an additional 15 minutes only, the headlights will turn on, the park lamps and/or turn signals and Vehicle Security Light will flash.

Rearming Of The System

The Vehicle Security Alarm will rearm itself after the 15 additional minutes of headlights and Vehicle Security Light flashing, if the system has not been disabled. If the condition which initiated the alarm is still present, the system will ignore that condition and monitor the remaining doors and ignition.

To Arm The System

The Vehicle Security Alarm will set when you use the power door locks, or use the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter to lock the doors. After all the doors are locked and closed, the Vehicle Security Light, in the instrument panel cluster, will flash rapidly for about 16 seconds to indicate that the alarm is being set. After the alarm is set, the Vehicle Security Light will flash at a slower rate to indicate that the system is armed.

To Disarm The System

Use the RKE transmitter to unlock the door. If something has triggered the Vehicle Security Alarm in your absence, the horn will sound three times when you unlock the doors and the exterior lights will blink three times. Check the vehicle for tampering.

The Vehicle Security Alarm will also disarm if a programmed Sentry Key is inserted into the ignition switch. To exit the alarming mode, press the RKE transmitter UNLOCK button, or insert a programmed Sentry Key into the ignition switch.

The Vehicle Security Alarm is designed to protect your vehicle; however, you can create conditions where the system will give you a false alarm. If one of the previously described arming sequences has occurred, the Vehicle Security Alarm will arm regardless of whether you are in the vehicle or not. If you remain in the vehicle and open a door, the alarm will sound. If this occurs, disarm the Vehicle Security Alarm.

Security System Manual Override

The Vehicle Security Alarm will not arm if you lock the doors using the manual door lock plunger.


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