Honda CR-V: Starting Procedures

Before starting your vehicle, adjust your seat, adjust both inside and outside mirrors, and fasten your seat belt.

The starter should not be operated for more than 15- second intervals. Waiting a few seconds between such intervals will protect the starter from overheating.

WARNING! Never leave children alone in a vehicle, or with access to an unlocked vehicle. Leaving children in a vehicle unattended is dangerous for a number of reasons. A child or others could be seriously or fatally injured. Children should be warned not to touch the parking brake, brake pedal or the shift lever. Do not leave the Key Fob in or near the vehicle, or in a location accessible to children, and do not leave the ignition of a vehicle equipped with keyless Enter-N-Go in the ACC or ON/RUN mode. A child could operate power windows, other controls, or move the vehicle.

Normal Starting

Normal starting of either a warm or cold engine is obtained without pumping or pressing the accelerator pedal. Cycle the ignition to the START position and release when the engine starts. If the engine fails to start within 10 seconds, cycle the ignition to the OFF position, wait five seconds, then repeat the "Normal Starting" procedure.

Automatic Transmission

Start the engine with the shift lever in the NEUTRAL or PARK. Apply the brake before shifting into any driving range.

NOTE: This vehicle is equipped with a transmission shift interlocking system. The brake pedal must be pressed to shift out of PARK.

Tip Start Feature

Do not press the accelerator. Cycle the ignition switch briefly to the START position and release it. The starter motor will continue to run but will automatically disengage when the engine is running.

Keyless Enter-N-Go

This feature allows the driver to operate the ignition switch with the push of a button, as long as the Remote Start/Keyless Enter-N-Go Key Fob is in the passenger compartment.

Normal Starting


1. The transmission must be in PARK or NEUTRAL.

2. Press and hold the brake pedal while pressing the ENGINE START/STOP button once.

3. The system takes over and attempts to start the vehicle. If the vehicle fails to start, the starter will disengage automatically after 10 seconds.

4. If you wish to stop the cranking of the engine prior to the engine starting, press the button again.

NOTE: Normal starting of either a cold or a warm engine is obtained without pumping or pressing the accelerator pedal.

To Turn Off The Engine Using ENGINE START/STOP Button

1. Place the shift lever/gear selector in PARK, then press and release the ENGINE START/STOP button.

2. The ignition switch will return to the OFF position.

3. If the shift lever/gear selector is not in PARK, the ENGINE START/STOP button must be held for two seconds or three short presses in a row with the vehicle speed above 5 mph (8 km/h) before the engine will shut off. The ignition switch position will remain in the ACC position until the shift lever/gear selector is in PARK and the button is pressed twice to the OFF position. If the shift lever/gear selector is not in PARK and the ENGINE START/STOP button is pressed once, the EVIC (if equipped) will display a "Vehicle Not In Park" message and the engine will remain running. Never leave a vehicle out of the PARK position, or it could roll.

NOTE: If the ignition switch is left in the ACC or RUN (engine not running) position and the transmission is in PARK, the system will automatically time out after 30 minutes of inactivity and the ignition will switch to the OFF position.

ENGINE START/STOP Button Functions - With Driver's Foot OFF The Brake Pedal (In PARK Or NEUTRAL Position)

The ENGINE START/STOP button operates similar to an ignition switch. It has three positions, OFF, ACC, RUN.

To change the ignition switch positions without starting the vehicle and use the accessories follow these steps:

1. Starting with the ignition in the OFF position.

2. Press the ENGINE START/STOP button once to change the ignition to the ACC position.

3. Press the ENGINE START/STOP button a second time to change the ignition to the RUN position.

4. Press the ENGINE START/STOP button a third time to return the ignition to the OFF position.

Extreme Cold Weather (Below -20ºF Or -29ºC)

To ensure reliable starting at these temperatures, use of an externally powered electric engine block heater (available from your authorized dealer) is recommended.

If Engine Fails To Start

If the engine fails to start after you have followed the "Normal Starting" procedure, it may be flooded. Push the accelerator pedal all the way to the floor and hold it there while cranking the engine. This should clear any excess fuel in case the engine is flooded.

CAUTION! To prevent damage to the starter, do not crank the engine for more than 15 seconds at a time. Wait 10 to 15 seconds before trying again.


If the engine has been flooded, it may start to run, but not have enough power to continue running when the ignition button/key is released. If this occurs, continue cranking with the accelerator pedal pushed all the way to the floor. Release the accelerator pedal and the ignition button/key once the engine is running smoothly.

If the engine shows no sign of starting after two 15- second periods of cranking with the accelerator pedal held to the floor, the "Normal Starting" procedure should be repeated.

After Starting

The idle speed is controlled automatically and it will decrease as the engine warms up.


 Stop/Start System - If Equipped

The Stop/Start function is developed to save fuel and reduce emissions. The system will stop the engine automatically during a vehicle stop if the required conditions are met. Releasing the brake peda

 Automatic Mode

The Stop/Start feature is enabled after every normal customer engine start. It will remain in STOP/START NOT READY until you drive forward with a vehicle speed greater than 5 mph (8 km/h). At that tim

 To Start The Engine While In Autostop Mode

While in DRIVE the engine will start when the brake pedal is released or the throttle pedal is depressed. The transmission will automatically reengage upon engine restart. During this transition the


 Power Folding Outside Mirrors - If Equipped

If equipped with power folding mirrors, they can be electrically folded rearward and unfolded into the drive position. The switch for the power folding mirrors is located between the power mirror switches L (left) and R (right). Press the switch once and the mirrors will fold in, press the switch

 Playing an Optional Audio Unit

Your vehicle has the auxiliary input jack on the front panel, on the center table, or in the console compartment, depending on models. The system will accept auxiliary input from standard audio accessories. When a compatible audio unit is connected to the jack, press the AUX butto

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