Honda CR-V: RamBox Integrated Box Side Storage Bins

Cargo storage bins are located on both sides of the pickup box. The cargo storage bins provide watertight, lockable, illuminated storage for up to 150 lbs (68 kg) for 1500 series vehicles or 300 lbs (136 kg) for 2500 and 3500 series vehicles of evenly distributed cargo.

RamBox - If Equipped
RamBox Cargo Storage Bins


Failure to follow the following items could cause damage to the vehicle:

To open a storage bin with the RamBox unlocked, press and release the button located on the lid. The RamBox lid will open upward to allow hand access. Lift the lid to fully open.

NOTE: RamBox will not open when the pushbutton is pressed if the RamBox is locked.

RamBox - If Equipped
RamBox Pushbutton And Lock

The interior of the RamBox will automatically illuminate when the lid is opened. In addition to the automatic illumination switch, there is a manual on/off switch located at the rear of each storage bin. Pushing the switch once will turn off the bin lights, pushing the switch again will turn the lights back on.

RamBox - If Equipped
RamBox Light Switch

CAUTION! Leaving the lid open for extended periods of time could cause the vehicle battery to discharge. If the lid is required to stay open for extended periods of time, it is recommended that the bin lights be turned off manually using the on/off switch.

Cargo bins feature two removable drain plugs (to allow water to drain from bins). To remove plug, pull up on the edge. To install push plug downward into drain hole.

NOTE: Provisions are provided in the bins for cargo dividers and shelf supports. These accessories (in addition to other RamBox accessories) are available from MOPAR.


 Locking And Unlocking RamBox

Press and release the LOCK or UNLOCK button on the RKE transmitter to lock and unlock all doors, the tailgate and the RamBox (if equipped). Refer to "Remote Keyless Entry" for further details. The Ram

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