Honda CR-V: Power Folding Outside Mirrors - If Equipped

If equipped with power folding mirrors, they can be electrically folded rearward and unfolded into the drive position.

The switch for the power folding mirrors is located between the power mirror switches L (left) and R (right).

Press the switch once and the mirrors will fold in, press the switch a second time and the mirrors will return to the normal driving position.

If the mirror is manually folded after electrically cycled, a potential extra button push is required to get the mirrors back to the home position. If the mirror does not electrically fold check for ice or dirt build up at the pivot area which can cause excessive drag.

Power Folding Mirror Switch

Resetting the Power Folding Outside Mirrors

You may need to reset the power folding mirrors if the following occurs:

To reset the power folding mirrors: Fold and unfold them by pressing the button (this may require multiple button pushes). This resets them to their normal position.


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