Honda CR-V: ParkSense Display

The warning display will turn ON indicating the system status when the vehicle is in REVERSE or when the vehicle is in DRIVE and an obstacle has been detected.

The system will indicate a detected obstacle by showing a single arc in the left and/or right rear regions based on the obstacle's distance and location relative to the vehicle.

If an obstacle is detected in the left and/or right rear region, the display will show a single arc in the left and/or right rear region and the system will produce a tone. As the vehicle moves closer to the obstacle, the display will show the single arc moving closer to the vehicle and the tone will change from a single 1/2 second tone to slow, to fast, to continuous.

The vehicle is close to the obstacle when the EVIC display shows one flashing arc and sounds a continuous tone.

The following chart shows the warning alert operation when the system is detecting an obstacle:

ParkSense Display

NOTE: ParkSense will reduce the volume of the radio, if on, when the system is sounding an audio tone.

Front Park Assist Audible Alerts

ParkSense will turn off the Front Park Assist audible alert (chime) after approximately three seconds when an obstacle has been detected, the vehicle is stationary, and brake pedal is applied.

Adjustable Chime Volume Settings

Front and Rear chime volume settings can be selected from the EVIC or Uconnect System - if equipped.

If Uconnect System is equipped, chime volume settings will not be accessible from the EVIC.

The chime volume settings include LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. The factory default volume setting is MEDIUM.

ParkSense will retain its last known configuration state through ignition cycles.


 Enabling And Disabling Front And/Or Rear ParkSense

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 ParkSense System Usage Precautions

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 Power Flow

P Position Hydraulic pressure is not applied to the clutch. Power is not transmitted to the countershaft. The countershaft is locked by the park pawl, interlocking the park gear. N Position Engine power transmitted from the torque converter drives the mainshaft idler gear, the idler shaft idler ge

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