Honda CR-V: Off-Road Driving Tips

Care should be taken when attempting to climb steep hills or driving diagonally across a hill or slope. If natural obstacles force you to travel diagonally up or down a hill, choose a mild angle and keep as little side tilt as possible.

Keep the vehicle moving and make turns slowly and cautiously.

If you must back down a hill, back straight down using REVERSE gear. Never back down in NEUTRAL or diagonally across the hill.

When driving over sand, mud, and other soft terrain, shift to low gear and drive steadily. Apply the accelerator slowly to avoid spinning the wheels.

Do not reduce the tire pressures for this type of driving.

After Driving Off-Road

Off-road operation puts more stress on your vehicle than does most on-road driving. After going off-road, it is always a good idea to check for damage. That way you can get any problems taken care of right away and have your vehicle ready when you need it.

WARNING! Abrasive material in any part of the brakes may cause excessive wear or unpredictable braking. You might not have full braking power when you need it to prevent a collision. If you have been operating your vehicle in dirty conditions, get your brakes checked and cleaned as necessary.


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