Honda CR-V: Limited-Slip Differential

The limited-slip differential provides additional traction on snow, ice, mud, sand and gravel, particularly when there is a difference between the traction characteristics of the surface under the right and left rear wheels. During normal driving and cornering, the limited-slip unit performs similarly to a conventional differential. On slippery surfaces, however, the differential delivers more of the driving effort to the rear wheel having the better traction.

The limited-slip differential is especially helpful during slippery driving conditions. With both rear wheels on a slippery surface, a slight application of the accelerator will supply maximum traction. When starting with only one rear wheel on an excessively slippery surface, slight momentary application of the parking brake may be necessary to gain maximum traction.

WARNING! On vehicles equipped with a limited-slip differential never run the engine with one rear wheel off the ground since the vehicle may drive through the rear wheel remaining on the ground. You could lose control of the vehicle.

Care should be taken to avoid sudden accelerations when both rear wheels are on a slippery surface. This could cause both rear wheels to spin, and allow the vehicle to slide sideways on the crowned surface of a road or in a turn.


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