Honda CR-V: Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) Messages

The Reconfigurable Telltales section is divided into the white telltales area on the right, amber telltales in the middle, and red telltales on the left.


 EVIC Selectable Menu Items

Push and release the UP or DOWN arrow buttons until the desired Selectable Menu icon is highlighted in the EVIC. Digital Speedometer Press and release the UP or DOWN arrow button until the Digital d

 Personal Settings (Customer-Programmable Features)

For vehicles equipped a 3.5" EVIC screen Personal Settings allows the driver to set and recall features when the transmission is in PARK. Press and release the UP and DOWN button until Personal Setti

 Screen Setup Driver Selectable Items

Odometer 000 000.0 Upper Left None Compass Outside Temp (default setting) Trans Temp Oil Temp Time Range To Empty (RTE) Average MPG Current MPG Trip A Trip B Trailer Trip (distance on


 Driving Safely With a Trailer

The added weight, length, and height of a trailer will affect your vehicle’s handling and performance, so driving with a trailer requires some special driving skills and techniques. For your safety and the safety of others, take time to practice driving maneuvers before heading for

 Sound Quality Diagnosis

Special Tools Required Diagnostics CD 07AAZ-SDBA100 Use the following tests to check sound quality. NOTE: Before beginning the following tests, write down the customer's bass, treble, fader and balance settings, and then set them to their center positions for testing. Left/Right Channel 10 Do this

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